Friday, 24 October 2014

Savage Sound System - Shan Times EP out now!

Savage Sound System
A monkey sits alone in a darkened room, a speaker strapped to its head emits strange and abrasive noises,  yet the monkey is powerless to intervene…
This is not the story of the Savage Sound System's new EP Shan Times,  however it is an arresting image nonetheless.
The sixth EP from the eclectic collective includes further collaborations with usual suspects MC Werd (Sons of Scotland),  MC ShilohZen and vocals from D.Soul the Soulsamurai,  and introduces MC Conscious Route (True Hold Records). to the line-up. This release also includes the reintroduction of vocalist / guitarist Pete Duffy for his first run out since the debut EP Let's Get Down To Brass Tacks.
The Savage Sound System were formed in 2006 due to a perceived lack of records being released by the Nectarine No. 9.  These tracks were created and warped by being sent across the ether from Scotland to Ireland, from the USA to Canada and back again.
Stream the EP on soundcloud;
Free download direct from savage recordings;

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