Wednesday 25 April 2012

Barry E.J. Smith book and D.Soul the Soulsamurai on Asthmatic Astronaut's new release

Barry E.J. Smith
London-based Australian artist Barry E.J. Smith has published a book of London drawings in both online and physical copy formats. Barry's work is featured on the savage recordings website and on the cover and sleeve of the debut savage sound system LP. You can preview & purchase his book on the blurb site here.
Also check out Barry's blog where he features illustrations, prints, drawings and more books of his work.

savage sound system - like stink on a monkey (2011) original artwork by Barry E.J. Smith

D.Soul the Soulsamurai
New release from savage recordings favourite Asthmatic Astronaut features a guest appearance from D.Soul the Soulsamurai on the opening track - A New Tone. The Asthmatic Astronaut continues to push the boundaries and bring the sounds of his full on electro live show to his recorded work. This release is six tracks deep and entitled Exposing All Emotions - available direct from Black Lantern Music and the Asthmatic Astronaut bandcamp for only £3, well worth checking out.

Wednesday 11 April 2012

Sacre Noir new collaboration and live date

Now online - new Sacre Noir collaboration, produced by UVBeatz and featuring MCs Madhat, Brinkworth and The Riddlah.

You can also catch Sacre Noir live on Thursday the 12th April at Henry's Cellar Bar, special night for Claire's birthday - full details below.

Sacre Noir live @ Henry's Cellar Bar, Edinburgh - 12th April 2012.

featuring punkrock heroes HOSEMOX

PUMP ACTION giving the sonic seduction

dark female-fronted electronica act SACRE NOIR performing their intense live show

and instrumental 3-piece COELIAC DAWN firing out their debut gig

It's also Claire's birthday, so come doon and perty!
Doors open 7.30pm, the bands should finish by 11.30pm or so, but the bar will stay open till 3am afterwards...

Saturday 7 April 2012

D.Soul the Soulsamurai free download EP

Now available from savage recordings - free download of the 2010 EP from D.Soul the Soulsamurai, 'the savage recordings of....'
This EP was recorded and mixed while D.Soul lived in Scotland, working with the savage sound system to produce six tracks based on simple guitar & vocal tracks. Features guest appearances from Sacre Noir and Phil Lock of the savage sound system - this EP is also still available on CD direct from the savage store.
D.Soul the Soulsamurai - the savage recordings of... free download
D.Soul the Soulsamurai - the savage recordings of... buy CD
Check out another collaboration between D.Soul the Soulsamurai and the savage sound system - inspired by a trip to Dunning Glen Festival....