Sunday 2 October 2016

Sacre Noir - live at Cabaret Voltaire, Edinburgh 15/10/2016

Sacre Noir



Bellarose are a four-piece Edinburgh based rock band and have fantastic experience playing in the Edinburgh live music scene and beyond. To check out their music, go to

A five-piece anthemic, alternative rock band influenced by varied range of acts, including 30 Seconds To Mars, Explosions In The Sky, Thrice, and U2, OCEVNS’ sound is a mix of powerful, soulful vocals with sing along choruses to soaring, melodic lead guitar and rhythm with a punch. What OCEVNS offer in a live setting is a cinematic sound that encourages hands to be in the air, and choruses to be chanted. They recently launched their debut EP. To find out more, go to

Sacre Noir

Sacre Noir are a Scottish based three piece, centred around vocalist / producer Carrie Beattie. Initially conceived as a solo project, Sacre Noir released later brought in the talents of Phil Lock on guitar and Alexis Beattie on electronic drums. Their sound is consists of home recordings of loops and samples from field recordings merged with ambient atmospherics and found percussion, infused with the layered vocal parts to produce dark haunting soundscapes: a studio-based vehicle for self-expression, fuelled by lo-fi aspirations and a non-conformist attitude. Check them out at

Advance Tickets: £5
Door :£7

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