Sunday 26 June 2011

Sacre Noir & Savage Sound System updates...

Sacre Noir
Sacre Noir return to the live circuit by hosting two nights at Belushi's Bar in Edinburgh. Both nights are free and feature Sacre Noir live sets plus DJ sets from Kai Davidson (Axis Resident), savage sound system and Sacre Noir herself. Also coming up in July another instore at Edinburgh's finest independent record / book store - Elvis Shakespeare, featuring KOF and the savage sound system, plus look out for a special appearance with MC KOF at the gig on the 21st. New live video from the last Wee Red Bar gig also online, featuring the electronic drum-kit and duo line-up. Check it out @
Sacre Noir has also launched a blog featuring her picks of the best electronica and alternative sounds around. Check it out here.

Sacre Noir live nights @ Belushi's, Edinburgh - 1st & 8th July 2011. - 1st July 2011 - 8th July 2011

Live electronica @ Belushi's Bar on the 1st July 2011 - featuring live performance from Sacre Noir, plus DJ sets from Sacre Noir, Savage Sound System and Kai Davidson (Axis Resident). Free entry - 9pm till 1am.

Sacre Noir live instore @ Elvis Shakespeare, Edinburgh - 22nd July 2011.

Live instore @ Elvis Shakespeare, 347 Leith Walk, Edinburgh featuring Sacre Noir, KOF and the savage sound system with The Riddlah (UVBeatz). Expect to hear all acts ripping it up live @ acoustic in amongst the CDs & books - featuring free CDs & cake with mailing list sign up (savage recordings).

Watch out for summer tour dates being posted soon and new tracks having their first outings in the July shows.

Savage Sound System
Big thanks to Edinburgh Undersound and all the bands who played at their event at Henry's Cellar Bar - a fine night all round, check out new live videos on youtube.
Shockin -
Stuck in the System -
I Keep on Rollin -
Also more footage from the show online at the Edinburgh Undersound youtube page.

You can catch the savage sound system live @ the KOF gig coming up on the 21st July 2011 and the Elvis Shakespeare instore the following afternoon. Also currently working with Russian group Red Rum to produce a remix of their classic track 'Masks' - keep watching the skies...