Saturday 30 September 2017

Sacre Noir - Stories Begin live video

Sacre Noir
New live video from Sacre Noir - Stories Begin performed live at Paris Lit Up / Culture Rapide, Paris on the 3rd of August 2017. Other acts performing on the night included Antonia Andrea Klimenko, David Leo Sirois and Moe Seager. The track is  from the Scattershot EP, written by Sacre Noir & D.Soul the Soulsamurai.

Wednesday 20 September 2017

Sacre Noir - A Rhythm Between Work and Sleep live video session

Sacre Noir
New video from Sacre Noir - a live video session of A Rhythm Between Work and Sleep recorded in Paris while on tour during August 2017. The track was originally released on the 2016 LP Nothing Falls Apart (Savage Recordings).

Tuesday 19 September 2017

Sacre Noir - live at the Safari Lounge, Edinburgh

Sacre Noir
Marilyn Carino plus special guests Sacre Noir at the Safari Lounge. Doors at 7.30pm / entry £5.

Marilyn Carino
Her saga began in the form of Mudville, a duo that produced three critically-acclaimed albums. As the singing and songwriting half, Marilyn inflamed and stunned, praised as “Nina Simone coming back from the dead to front Morcheeba." Her song “Wicked” won a 2008 Independent Music Award, and it has continued to be a signature song as she moved on from Mudville to her 2011 solo album, Little Genius and 2015’s Leaves, Sadness, Science. Her music is sexy and thick, her voice an affecting instrument with an elegant grittiness, soaring above violent organs and chunky beats.
Carino does all the recording, mixing, producing and plays all the instruments herself, her personality imbued in the smoky-dark production, expressive singing and themes that dig for hope. "I think happiness is about a person freeing themselves, and that’s the idea I’m interested in. We’ve got to feel free to fall down and be a mess, maybe fuck the wrong people. We can fail 99 times and keep coming back to get it right on the 100th. The solution to the hardening of the world around us is personal human revolution.”

Sacre Noir
Sacre Noir are a Scottish based outfit, centred around vocalist / producer Carrie Beattie. Initially conceived as a solo project, Sacre Noir released a trilogy of EPs before bringing in the talents of Phil Lock on guitar and Alexis Beattie on electronic drums to perform live and record the debut LP 'Her Volatile Condition.' After performing shows around Europe in 2011 the band launched their sophomore LP 'Sinking Into Darkness' and debut single / video 'She Can't Take It' in the summer of 2012.
From 2012 to 2014 Sacre Noir released two more singles from the Sinking Into Darkness LP - 'Rue Crimée' and 'It's Too Late Now' alongside more live shows across Europe. 2015 saw the release of new single / video 'Listen To Me' - the video being created in collaboration with film-maker MeltedBeetle. In 2016 Sacre Noir will release their third and final album titled 'Nothing Falls Apart' on Savage Recordings. The LP was accompanied by two further singles / videos from the release - 'A Rhythm Between Work and Sleep' and 'Rebels and Loners.' As a vocalist Carrie has also collaborated under the Sacre Noir moniker with various notable producers - recent features have included work with various hip-hop artists currently working in Scotland including MOG and UVBeatz (both Powercut Productions), Conscious Route (True Hold Records) and MC duo Werd & Deeko (Sons of Scotland).

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