Saturday 15 January 2011

sSs LP Release & Website Redesign

Released on Monday 17th January 2011 - Like Stink on a Monkey by the savage sound system.
In their debut album the savage sound system combine the vocal and instrumental talents of Tasmania based producer I Vs. Nature on ‘Grind’ with the MC skills of Florida based ShilohZen of Educated Spit on ‘Longroad.’ Closer to home the vocal and instrumental talents of the sSs live band are featured heavily. Vocals and synth are featured by solo electronica artist Sacre Noir on ‘How Much for the Ape?’, ‘Another Bay’ and more.. alongside vocals from Jordan Moncrieff of the Eidelweiss Pirates on ‘New Town’ and ‘There’s Always a Crime...’. Edinburgh MCs The Riddlah (UVBeatz) and Werd (SOS) bring their rhymes to the savage sound system melting pot on ‘I Keep on Rollin’ and ‘211212’ respectively. Instrumentalists featured include Italian noise destructor TheSAD, bass player Tom Wilkinson (known for his work with producer the Asthmatic Astronaut) and long time sSs collaborator Phil Lock. Features original artwork by London based artist Barry E.J. Smith. Album mastered by dance music producer Gary 'Lucius' Lowe of Boogs Music.
Available from the savage store direct by mail order and independent Scottish record stores. Also available from 24th January on mp3 download from Amazon, iTunes etc.

To coincide with this release the sSs website has undergone some changes; now features links to all sSs remixes, collaborations and other online sSs media including live videos and album previews.

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